Tandem jumps in Hungary

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Tandem: HUF 44,000,-
(approximately EUR 140 – depending on exchange rates)

Tandem recorded by a camera on arm: HUF 49,900,-
(approximately EUR 155)

Tandem recorded by a cameraman: HUF 65,900,-
(approximately EUR 205)

Your jump is also recorded by a professional cameraman who jumps with you. Although it costs a little more, we recommend that you choose this option, as the film will allow you to re-live the experience, thereafter when watching your jump. The cameraman attaches an additional photo camera on his helmet, also making pictures in the air. You are unlikely to ever send the video to your friends, but how about sending pictures? Just imagine a large print on the wall of your living room… We work with 6 MP professional SLR cameras. In this case you not only get your film, but also a nice set of pictures to post on facebook 🙂

tandemjump picture
tandemjump picture

If there is any problem with the equipment, and for any reason no recordings are made, we will offer a free second jump. Ifin this case, for any reason, you don’t want to jump again, you only pay half price for the first jump.

All prices are net,  so please calculate with additional 27% VAT

For further details: Please write to us via e-mail!